Sydney / Agenda

4th May 2018

8:30am - 4:30pm at The Eternity Playhouse, Darlinghurst Theatre, Darlinghurst.

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The AdNews Media + Marketing Summit 2018 is the foremost high-profile event on the advertising, media and marketing calendar. The content is relevant. It’s a program that speaks to the agenda affecting your strategies - today, not yesterday. It brings together the industry's top marketing executives, the most influential agency figures, and forward-thinking academics to tackle topical issues marketers, agencies and media owners are facing today.


Opening Keynote - followed by Q&A


Session Marketing to 

By the time M+MS takes place in Sydney on May 4th, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant Alexa will have launched in Australia. Marketers are bracing themselves for a future where AI and voice command become commonplace in our households, however, how do we interrupt the machine algorithms that automate our buying habits? How much of an agency and marketer’s role will see them making an emotional connection with a person, versus rational persuasion with a Sentient Virtual Personal Assistant?

Session Promise of 

Already some ten years in the making, media agency bosses predict that 2018 will be the year of addressability – and given M+MS falls half way through the year, this session is primed to deliver some of the first results from the market’s early forays into the new media environment. This strand will explore the successes and, potentially, some of the teething issues surrounding our new ability to deliver hyper-targeted, curated campaigns to Australia’s TV viewers.

Special Content Spot
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Session Marriage

The partnership between a marketer and an agency is much like a marriage, and relies, among many things, on trust. In such times when trust has been eroded, how does the partnership work? We will host an exclusive conversation between a leading agency and their client of 40 years. More details to follow soon.

Session Consultancies

Both revered and feared in equal measure, much of last year’s media focus was on the expansion of consultancies into our industry – the stakes they took in creative agencies; the staff they poached from other organisations, and the models they have adopted to formalise their offers to brands and marketers. We will bring together three executives from the consultancies who will each reveal the nuts and bolts of their offerings, and then open out to questions from the floor.


Session WTF is blockchain
This session is exactly what it says on the tin – we all know now what Blockchain is, but how might it impact your business? Leading media agencies are already trialling its technologies to make their systems more transparent, and it is heralded as one of the ways issues of transparency can be cleared up in the media business. We will bring two leading lights in this space together – a Blockchain tech expert and an agency exec trialling it together to present the full story. 


Session AdNews Upfronts

Representatives from TV, radio, digital, publishing, OOH and cinema will each present their thoughts on what the following 12 months will deliver in their side of the business.