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Bursting The Bubble

12th May 2017

8:30am - 4:30pm, followed by networking drinks.

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The AdNews Media + Marketing Summit 2017 brings together the industry's top marketing executives, the most influential agency figures, and the most forward-thinking academics to tackle the big picture issues marketers, agencies and media owners are facing, to challenge the status quo and to help answer these questions:

  • Is media and marketing too bogged down in the everyday to see the bigger picture?
  • Are we drowning in data?
  • How do creativity and innovation drive growth?
  • Can we see our working world in a better perspective?
  • Are the numbers stacking up and can we be the drivers of a post post-truth reality?
  • What is the future for teams and talent? Can our workplaces be a shining beacon of diversity and success?


We're currently facing a raft of significant changes and challenges unlike anything we've seen before in the media and marketing industry.

Challenges that span digital, mass marketing, brand building and even workplace culture.

Jacqueline Phillips, with 20 years of brand building experience behind her, and now leader of a brand at the forefront of financial and digital innovation, addresses these topics head-on, and in the process, will unveil stories from her own career as a marketer.

Presented by:
Jac Phillips, Head of Marketing (Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific), Visa


Session Ritson

A journey through the nine circles of marketing hell. Professor Mark Ritson never fails to disappoint. In this all-new presentation, Ritson will outline the nine levels of hell that digital is taking marketers through. Everything from bots, programmatic costs, transparency, viewability, social context, audiences and screen size, the works.

Presented by:
Mark Ritson, Adjunct Professor, Melbourne Business School

Session Fireside

Concluding the Summit will be two of the industry's hardest-hitting heavyweights; Google managing director Jason Pellegrino and News Corp's Nicole Sheffield in conversation about the themes, topics and ideas affecting the industry and the subjects which matter to them the most. Expect to be educated, entertained and engaged.

Presented by:
Jason Pellegrino, Managing Director, Google Australia and New Zealand
Nicole Sheffield, Chief Digital Officer, News Corp Australia

Recalibration: Big ideas and creative flair
Advertising media's constant metamorphosis presents an enjoyable challenge for most marketers, and getting to grips with it continues to fascinate us. However, some argue that a return to the basics of mass marketing – big channels, big ideas, gut instinct and creative flair – is needed to really harness the true power of a brand. Is this true, or are we pandering to a nostalgic idea?


Panellists include:
Jo Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, Ubank
Brent Smart, Chief Marketing Officer, IAG
Paul Bradbury, CEO, TBWA Australia and New Zealand
Jenny Williams, Former Chief Marketing Officer, HCF
Moderator: Sam Hegg, Chief Strategy Officer, Carat Australia

Will robot setal your job
How do we future proof the media and marketing discipline and recruit for roles and challenges that don't even exist yet? Is automation a real threat to jobs? How do we tackle a talent shortage and better recruit a more diverse and dynamic talent pool?


Panellists include:
Simon Reynolds, Vice President Marketing, Airtasker
Clint Parr, Head of People & Culture, Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Anthony Hourigan, CEO, Hourigan International
Virginia Hyland, Founder, Hyland
Moderator: Rosie Baker, Editor, AdNews

Innovation - gimmick or genuine driver of growth
Innovation is touted as a key driver of growth, but when is it a genuine opportunity and when is it a distracting gimmick? How do marketers and agencies make sure that innovation translates into growth and opportunity, rather than becoming a diversion from core business and real profit drivers?


Panellists include:
Tom Kelshaw, Director of Innovation, Maxus New York
James Sugrue, Founder, AFK
Joanne Jacobs, Managing Partner, Disruptor's Handbook
Matt Rowley, Chief Revenue Officer, Australian Metro Publishing, Fairfax Media
Moderator: Katie Rigg-Smith, CEO, Mindshare

Data and analytics in a post-truth world
Are the numbers adding up? In a world of alternative facts, fake news and metrics mistakes, whose numbers can be relied on? Do marketers really have a genuine picture of who an Aussie consumer is? When we're moving to an attention-based environment, is it time to construct a post post-truth world?


Panellists include:
Harry Lowes, General Manager of One-to-one Marketing and Loyalty, Telstra
John Miskelly, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM Australia & New Zealand
Steve Lockwood, Head of Marketing Science, Facebook Australia & New Zealand
Richard Harris, Managing Director, ADMA IQ
Adam Furness, MD, RadiumOne (ANZ)
Moderator: David McGrath, Executive Director, Stimulate Media

Session Health Well-Being
Presented by Tonic Health Media
We all know that people are key to business success and good quality marketing, but it's getting ever harder to balance life in the fast-paced media world. In this well-being 'psych-up' session Matthew Johnstone, ambassador of Tonic Health Media will teach you how to manage stress in a busy media environment and help you and your teams build resilience, find balance and develop mindfulness.

Session Fastfronts

The FastFront sessions will deliver a high-speed showcase of the latest technologies that are hitting the Australian market.

Fast Fronts presented by:
Radium One
Rakuten Marketing
Tribe Influencers

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